Welcome to another article from Technograpes. Today we Are going to learn how to make money online.  I Have seen Lots of Failures and Troubles in Making Blog and Earn Money. There are so many cheating was to earn but it will not last long. Below are the Legit ways to

How Much could you Earn?

We Need to understand one thing, Unless you work hard you can’t Earn anything.  Well, the Answer to your Question is within your self.

What would be the Key Success to Earn Money online?

Key Ideas to Earn Money

Well Before Starting Any Website you Should understand what is your strength and Weakness. Whether you’re strong in Article Writing, Reviewing a Product, selling your own content like creating Audios, videos, Taking Photos,   Themes, Plugin Etc. and Affiliate Marketing. Below are the Details about Each Topic where you can Make Decision Which one you want.

Before all the Above things you should  understand one thing very very important SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and you can learn it here.

Be Patient !!! ( A Very Important Key to Success)


Article Writing

Writing Articles ti EarnMoney

If You are passionate about writing article then wonderful you have more chances than other Newbie in this Online world to Earn Money.  Google Search/Index a Website Content which has a  good description or Text in it which Lets google to understand what you’re trying to show to the world. The more unique content on your website the better you earn good money.

Below are the Important Things For Blogging / Article Writing Online

  1. Minimum Word Count should be At least 300Words
  2. Don’t Repeat your keywords too Much ( this will Be Explained in future Article)
  3. Don’t Copy the Content from other websites ( Make sure you are creating your own content).
  4. Use Proper URL’s for your Articles
  5.  Make your Article Easily Readable

If you’re ready to above instruction then you’re ready to create a website and Earn Money. Don’t forget that you have to be patient.

Selling Digital Content Online

Logo-envato Sell anything Online

If you’re more of a technical Knowledge Person, Love Singing, Making beautiful videos or like to take some Good Landscapes and Portraits. You can Register to Envanto and start selling your digital content Like Videos, Audios, Themes, Plugins online However make sure your content is more clear to the users.  if you’re a Videos Maker you can Start a Youtube Channel.  and the list does stop here you have more to Earn Money online.



 Affiliate Marketing

Affialte Marketing

If you think you don’t have the above 2 options then here is a very good options for you don’t think that this is a cheaper option. if this doesn’t exist then there will be no online bloggers because most of their income comes online from Affiliate Marketing well this is the reason that we suffer finding the right content because some bloggers review bad product as good inorder to gain profit for himself which is selfish.


For all the Above you need to understand one thing very clearly the Content should be Unique and created on your own.  This is Just the First Step of Earn Money Online. Please subscribe to know the further steps which will be posted frequently.

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