Ok if you decided to start your online carrier then move on to the next step. Below are the details about domain and Hosting which is the first step required to start a business online.


 Nothing is offered free in this world.

Yes, Nothing is offered free in this world. to gain something you need to lose something. well, it is not much compared to what benefit you’ll be getting. So What are the things you need to purchase? Domain Name, Hosting Provider.

Domain Name: 

When you purchase a domain name you need to consider few things. if you are going to do affiliate marketing do not use a brand name or particular product name, instead select the category of the product you’re going to deal with . if you’re going for blogging use a relevant name of the topic which you’re going to write about.

For Eg. if you gonna sell spare parts in for a bike with try related to “spare parts” instead of using a brand name like Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield etc. which is not recommended.

you can purchase domain name anywhere you want however in some hosting provider they provide free domain name like in Bluehost.

Hosting :

Its disk space where your files will be saved which will be shown to the public. When comes to SEO Hosting place an important role because google which index your site based on the design and speed of the website if your site has good speed then it will index topper than the other sites which are slow. Below are some of the picks chosen based Recommended


one of the recommended hosting provider by WordPress ( which we’ll learn soon ) this is fast and they are using SSD ( Solid State Drive) for their servers.

2. a2webhosting

One of the fastest web hosting service provider they optimised their hosting as per WordPress too which though they are not in the list of recommended WordPress hosting  soon can expect it can be.