First Mobile Phone (1983) DynaTAC 8000X

The DynaTAC 8000X  which means Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage was the first mobile phone, This Phone could connect to the telephone network Directly without a  mobile operator. it was introduced in the year 1973 however it came to commercials during 1983.

Cost of this phone Was 9 times the current Iphone X !!!

Yeah, it’s True it was Sold Around $3995 which is Equivalent to $9000 Dollar for current Year. The reason for this expensive Phone is because it was not a commercial purpose.

This is the first Step which is currently dominating the entire world and makes people so addicted to a Gadget. where we stopped spending time with our families :-).

first Windows Mobile appeared in April 2000 

According to Wikipedia Windows Mobile Phone was released in April 2000.  initially, it was known as Windows CE and later it renamed as Pocket PC 2000. The Interface of this Mobile phone was similar to Windows PC.

Microsoft could have been more popular if they manufactured their own phone with perfection.  This would have created a standalone product like how Apple had managed to do it after 7 Years of this Mobile Operating System.

First Bluetooth Phone – 2000

Ericsson T36 was the first Mobile phone with Bluetooth which was released in the year 2000.      The name Bluetooth was derived from an ancient king called who united into a single. Before this, I remember we were using infrared where we have to keep the phone for a long time. If you 90’s Tech guys they will explain to you how hard it used to be. for sending a 100Kb file it will take at least 5misn then came this Bluetooth device which changed this transfer fo files . the main reason it was found is to communicate in a short range.

Frist Camera Phone – November 2000 

The First Ever Camera Mobile Phone was developed by a Japan Company called SHARP which is currently known as Softbank Mobile. 0.35 Megapixel camera installed on this mobile phone.

There has been a rumour that Samsung was the first company to release the first camera phone Because it was released in the US whereas SHARP released only in Japan. However, we should give the credit to this brans.

iPhone January 2007

The First ever phone launched by Steve Jobs. I had watched the release of this phone on youtube so many times, It was so extraordinary.  the change.

 This is a day, that I have been looking forward to for two and a half years – Steve Jobs

And it was true at that time however that spirit is missing nowadays in iPhone which shows how much they are suffering without Steve Jobs and this cannot be possible without him.

HTC Dream – Android September 2008

Android which currently dominating the world was released after iPhone but still, it is responsible for breaking the Mobile Phone market. The Main Reason for its Open Source where anyone can develop an Operating System for their Mobile Device at a cheaper cost comparing to developing on their own.