Sailfish Os for android was developed by Jolla . This OS is developed as a continuation of the Evolved Meego Which was developed by allliance of Nokia and Intel. How even this OS didnt Get Popular due to the dominace of the Android around the world. They are still not in a way to give up . they actually have few Mobiles Phones with their OS Pre Installed.

Rom Name

Sailfish Os

Device Moto X Play (LUX)
OS Base Version Cyanogenmod 12.1
Kernel Linux 3.1.x
What’s working? Almost Evverything
What’s not working?
  • Sensors (somentimes proximity doesn’t work)
  • Sound playback (starts loud and then volume decreases)
  • Probably something more
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Screen Shot

Credits: XDA Devlopers, Sailfish OS and wikipedia