It is very important to choose a proper hosting since it is one of the biggest factors of SEO.  ipage hosting provides a reasonable hosting pricing compared to the market. however, it is important to check the below-mentioned before you purchase this hosting.

1. Cpanel Not Available

When we say Linux Hosting only CPanel comes into our mind in iPage hosting, there is no cPanel installed instead they have their own Control Panel which can be logged in only through their website. The interface of this Control Panel is quite hard. it will take some time to settle

Control Panel of iPage Hosting

Control Panel of iPage Hosting

below is the 2 Major Reason where I feel like it should by itself.

File Manager

one of the important thing in Hosting is using File Manager. I  personally think that in this ipage hosting it should definitely improve their file manager. in fact, you cannot extract a compressed where you have to come out and enter the archive manager to extract any compressed file. well, when I first tried to install a WordPress for a website I had to keep on a move from file manager to archive and then again back to the file manager. here is a screenshot to show how bad the file manager is when you click on the folder namer to open, it will pop up to rename the folder.

No Cpanel So NO softaculous

softaculous had helped a lot of web developers by saving their time in installing an any CMS ( Content Managment System) Like it has almost all the types of free CMS available online. whereas in this ipage hosting they use Mojo Market Place which is also a good one but it is lagging in the availability of CMS in it

Add on domain directories

Ipage hosting comes with an unlimited Addon Domains which means that you can add how much ever domain you want. but you should be ULTRA CAREFUL.


make sure that you point to a subdirectory and the name of the folder you wish for your new domain int he column. if you miss that’s it.  I accidentally missed and went to mojo marketplace and installed wordpress on a new domain. it replaced the files of the main Domain which was at the main directory my main domain got corrupt in the database luckily I had managed since I used the updraftplus plugin

No free SSL /No adwords or bing credit

Free SSL had become a part of major hosting providers online. whereas in this it is not, also the credit rewards provided during the purchase can be used only for USA Users I’m not able to see anywhere mentioned about it.


Image Credits : Pexeles